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Self Service Pour your Own Beer Taps+1 (213) 297-8110

What is eBeer ?

eBeer is a Self Serve Beer Dispensing System where clients can Pour Their Own Beer using a Smart Card for Payment & Identification.
From there we have evolved and today we have a representation for a system developed by us called eBEER, which is in over 15 countries and growing We have specialized in a combination of hardware and software to create an absolutely new concept and technology called eBEER. using RFID cards for payment and identification.

eBeer is a new concept of leisure and interactive entertainment for bars, pubs, clubs, and other establishments a window into the future of this industry.
The product offers the customer the possibility to serve themselves a drink when they choose without waiting. To reach this objective beer and other drink dispensers incorporating a unique fluid control system are placed around the establishment and are at the customers’ disposal. eBeer allows maximum benefits for your business along with entertainment for the customer.
Your customers will forget those last gulps of lukewarm beer to finish their pint. With eBeer they can serve the amount they want when they want, no need to wait for bar service.