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How does it work ?

The eBeer self service draft system can be used in two modes
The market leading draft eBeer system can function in two self-service beer dispensing modes, Personal Card which promotes customer loyalty and Table Tap which allows a group to have the tap all to themselves:
  1. Personal Card Mode
  2. Group Mode

1) eBeer with Personal Card Mode
One of the main advantages of our system is the personal loyalty card. The customer can use any of the self-service taps within the establishment once they receive their loyalty card and have made a top-up.
Beer consumption begins with the placement of the card on the reading surface located next to the beer tap. The process has been developed to give as much visual information to the user as possible. During the process the customer is informed of how many litres are available depending on their current balance. Information, entertainment and publicity can be displayed on the screens in front or around them.
When the card is removed the system records the consumption of that user and shows a farewell message. If the customer runs out of credit they are able to top up their card at any pay-point within the establishment.

2)eBeer Group Mode
This mode is used primarily at dispensers that have been installed on tables and so can be shared amongst a group of friends or colleagues. We recommend having screens placed in a location that can be easily viewed from the tables.
In order to use this mode a group session must be opened and a name to identify this group must be given, for example “eBeer Drinkers". Group consumption is displayed on the screens which indicate the amount served the amount still available and the customer’s payment type. It’s also possible to add the group ranking table or other entertainment features as described earlier..