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Economical vs Premium self service solution?

At Englobatec our aim is to find the best solution for each individual customer. Some have larger establishments while others have limited space and require just a few taps. This is the reason why we offer two self-service draft beer options, the economical option allows dispensers to be installed at tables and be activated by bar staff in pre-paid or post-paid. The premium option has this functionality but adds the loyalty card system. The following videos illustrate these options:
Table Mode -
Loyalty Card Mode -

Is there a minimum establishment size requirement to install eBeer?

No. It’s possible to install in large or small establishments. In theory there is no limitation, we install upwards of 1 tap.

I have an establishment and would like to install the self-service system. Do I have to do extensive building works?

Building works are minimal. It’s possible to install all the needed control elements and tables adjacent to the establishment’s walls. That way we install the necessary tubes and cables under the floor or above the ceiling. Another option would be to install taps in the bar area makeing them available for any customer with a loyalty card.

The brewery offers the taps, coolers, beer columns and tubes. Can I use them?

Yes, you could use these and similar items such as the taps, columns, trays, tubes… Each brewery uses their own material which in most cases is compatible with eBeer. We can advise on the best solution.

How many screens can I have installed in my establishment?

There is no limitation. You can install as many as you want, each screen can display what you choose. For example you could install a screen in the bar area promoting your dish of the day, menus or advising customers of future events, as could be upcoming football/soccer matches, F1 racing and other sporting events.

What can be paid with the loyalty card?

eBeer can be configured so that any product or item that is sold in your establishment can be paid for with a loyalty card. Therefore customers that might not drink beer could still have a personal loyalty card.

Can the establishment promote personal card top-ups?

One of the most important aspects of the personal card is the top-up. If the customer leaves the establishment with balance remaining on their card, it is more than likely they will return. Each card also accumulates point’s promotions than can be exchanged for prizes or other promotions.

My business is a franchise with a unique design. Could I change the eBeer design?

The design of your eBeer system can be easily configured to suit your establishment. Colours, forms, logos…. everything can be adapted.
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