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Audio Visual Entertainment


If we were to use the display screens just to show the amount of beer consumed we would not be using the system to its full potential.
We have developed alongside eBeer the multimedia program eShow that offers a variety of entertainment options for the client using the displays distributed around the bar.

img-left Update your customers on their current consumption, ranking, promotions and events. It’s possible to make this as entertaining as possible using a variety of images, videos and texts. Simply put eShow allows you to create a tailored advertising campaign to suit your clientele through messages, a collection of photographs or videos. You can also offer this as a publicity service to a 3rd party.
eBeer And eShow are the perfect combination to offer audiovisual entertainment combining information about consumption with publicity.

Configuring your establishments eShow could not be simpler through the friendly interface forming part of the eBeer program incorporated in the control center located in your bar area.


Ranking viewer

eBeer offers a rankings structure that displays your establishments top drinkers. This can be configured to suit your requirements, you could for example have the top daily drinkers ranking or the total consumption for a specific period. The ranking tables can be divided to show Individual or group rankings.

Individual Ranking

eBeer With the personal card you can reward loyal customers with prizes as eBeer provides you with the information to do this.

Group Ranking

By displaying the actual consumption of each table interaction between customers can be achieved giving an added value to your establishment.

Advertising & Publicity

img-leftIncorporates a powerful publicity system with the use of windows, texts, images and videos. All of this content is configurable both in size and position on the displays distributed around the establishment. Your customers can view the screens to know the rankings and actual consumption of the tables. Why not take advantage and advertise upcoming events at your establishment such as football/soccer matches, F1 racing or other sporting events. From the easy to use control center installed at in the bar area you can configure all the screens of your establishment.