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eBeer Benefits

Benefits for the business

Increased Consumption. Customers no longer have to wait to be served.

Customer Loyalty Most customers leave the establishment with balance remaining on their card.

Auto financing Customers pay in advance and in some cases the amount left on personal tags could equate to as much as 50% of payments.

Reduced service costs As eBeer is a self-service system this could mean a considerable saving on staffing costs. Employee’s workloads could also be reduced to just a few tasks such as tag top ups, providing clean glasses, collecting used ones or attending to other establishment needs.

Freedom of choice for logos and design.The control components can be installed on to any standard beer cooler offered by the breweries permitting independence of supplier and logo design for your establishment.

Turnkey installationsWe not only install the eBeer elements but the rest of the system also such as taps, pipes, cooling etc. If you choose we are also able to coordinate the eBeer installation with the breweries selected installer.

Remote technical support.Our technical support team are able to diagnose faults by connecting remotely to the establishment’s eBeer system as if they were on site making any needed fixes.

Payment modes before or after consumptioneBeer can be adapted to your business.

Marketing campaigns, email and SMS.With the customers permission the personal card allows additional details to be added email and or a telephone number this might be useful to market events or promotions.

Advantages for the customer

A unique idea. Customers tend to look for something new, different, and enjoyable something which will motivate them to visit the establishment and differentiate it from other bars, pubs or clubs.

Reduced waiting times Customers don’t have to wait to be served by staff.

The Ebeer wayBeer fans will be able to enjoy pouring their own beer the way they like. Which person from your group pours the best pint?

3rd party publicity integration.The display system permits text, images and video to be shown.

Interaction between tables and clients.The interaction between tables generates a certain degree of competition and as a result greater consumption.

Ranking entertainment between tables and users.Individual and group consumption can be shown in a daily or in a total ranking table. With the personal card it’s possible to create groups were all individual consumptions are joined.

Promotions, snack points and prizes for loyal customers.eBeer offers tools to promote loyalty schemes. Gifts for liters consumed or snacks for selected customers.

Know your consumption at all times. The display system can inform you at any time of your consumption. Please remember to drink with moderation.

Chat and send your comments through SMS to the display screens.eBeer can receive SMS messages on the establishments display screens. Let your customers send comments, jokes..