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About us

We are an Engineering Company headquartered in Girona, Spain and founded in the year 2004. The origin of our system goes back to the development and implementation of automatic, precision controlled irrigation systems for a famous high quality wine producing zone called Prirat ( Cataluña - Spain) This was done at the behest of the Government of Cataluña- Water Resources management Division.

From there we have evolved and today we have a representation for a system developed by us called eBEER, which is in over 15 countries and growing We have specialized in a combination of hardware and software to create an absolutely new concept and technology called eBEER. using RFID cards for payment and identification.

eBeer is a Self Service , Pour Your Own or Auto Pull concept principally designed for Beer. All bars, pubs or establishments which use beer dispensing through beer taps, can use our technology, as this is a value addition to the draught beer system.These beer dispensers or beer taps can be distributed across the establishment either at the tables as Table Taps or in common locations.

However since the technology is for fluid control, beverages such as Soda or Soft Drinks be it post mix or pre mix system are also applicable.

We develop create and design interactive environments within bars, restaurants as well as entertainment zones and we are the next generation in the concept of leisure and entertainment with a window to the future in the catering sector.